Turnkey houses in Alicante

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The ideal place to buy turnkey houses in Alicante is Residencial El Paraíso in Aigües

This unique residential complex in a beautiful village like Aigües is the best place to buy turnkey houses in Alicante. You have different options among our models, although every house is different.

Houses with a swimming pool

One of the advantages of our warm and not rainy weather is that you can enjoy a swimming pool all year long. Noveno Horizonte makes houses with a swimming pool available to you so the hot days of the summer become fun.

Every house with a swimming pool is a place where the relax you feel in Aigües can be multiplied. Besides, a swimming pool is a place where children are happy. Who hasn’t felt the happiest in a swimming pool when being a child? The best place to buy family houses is this residential complex.

Furnished houses

Some of the turnkey houses in Alicante offered by Noveno Horizonte are furnished. If you wish so, you can buy them with all the furniture included. Furnished houses in our real estate development have been beautifully decorated. Noveno Horizonte has a decoration service so that your turnkey house in Alicante has the best furniture when you move. A well-furnished house multiplies its comfort and its aesthetic level. Since we are going to live in it, good decoration is a must.

Houses with a basement

When you buy turnkey houses you don’t usually place value on the basement. A house with a basement is more than a house with a storage room. A basement can be an ideal playroom for children or adults. A basement can also be a place to develop hobbies that require space.

Don’t miss the opportunity of buying one of these turnkey houses in Alicante. A high quality real estate development with perfect finishes. Noveno Horizonte offers you to live in the best residential complex in Aigües.