Houses under construction

You have different houses under construction and design process to buy in Alicante, in residencial El Paraíso in Aigües

Choose the building materials

All the building materials used by Noveno Horizonte in its real estate development are high quality materials. If you decide to buy one of our houses under construction in Alicante you will be able to choose the materials. We customize the house of your dreams so it suits your taste.


In the Mediterranean culture, gastronomy is especially important. That’s why the kitchen has to be a place to feel comfortable in. If you wish so, we can build the kitchen suiting your taste in our houses under construction. Residencial El Paraíso was born with the intention to be your private paradise.


There is nothing easier to customize than the colours of the walls and ceilings of your house. Painting factories offer an increasing wide range of colours, and the trend is to paint rooms with different tones of the same colour.   

Contract extra decoration and furnishing services

Apart from the customization of the construction itself, Noveno Horizonte offers extra decoration and furnishing services. Forget all your worries when furnishing and decorating your house, we offer you the best decoration.

If you were looking for houses under construction in Alicante, your place is Aigües, in Residencial El Paraíso.