Aigües, a charming village in the Costa Blanca, the ideal place to buy a turnkey house in Alicante

Noveno Horizonte offers its real estate development in a charming village in the Costa Blanca. The ideal place to buy a turnkey house in Alicante

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Aigües offers you the relaxation and tranquility of a village 20km away from Alicante city. Therefore, you can enjoy all the amenities of the city while living in a wonderful Mediterranean village.

Set into the mountain side of Cabeçó d’Or and 10km away from the beach. This unique location makes Aigües the perfect place to live, especially for those people who love to spend their time surrounded by the nature.

Aigües -buy turnkey houses

Aigües is located in the Costa Blanca, 30 minutes away from Benidorm and very close to places like El Campello and La Vila Joiosa. It has 1,000 inhabitants and it offers an outstanding weather during the whole year, with nice winters and sunny and warm summers.

Residencial El Paraíso

Residencial El Paraíso in Aigües is a residential area close to the urban center of the village. In this residential area you can enjoy all the luxuries of a modern village, in the middle of the mountains and with breathtaking sea views. Do not miss the opportunity to improve your life by moving to Residencial El Paraíso as a first or second residence. Do not miss the opportunity to live in the paradise itself.

Spa in Aigües

This emblematic building was the resting place where the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie used to relax during the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays it constitutes one of the most striking curiosities in Aigües. If the upper class at the time used to relax in this place it should be because Aigües has a different charm.


Take advantage of the offers to buy a turnkey house in Alicante

If you are looking for a turnkey house in Alicante you have found the ideal place. Apart from all the advantages of this marvellous place, we have high quality real estate development in Residencial el Paraíso.


Find your turnkey house in Alicante

You can buy your furnished house ready to move in. Start your new life in Aigües, a spellbinding village. All the relax, nature and the beauty of a village next to two big cities like Alicante and Benidorm.

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